MCS is introducing its new product range  of innovative knitted gloves 

MCS Safety® is known for innovative, high-quality protective glove solutions. From its headquarter in Tönisvorst near Düsseldorf, new products are being developed continually.  Until now, MCS has only concentrated on leather gloves and managed to build up the brand name to a  quality leader in Germany. After about 4 years of work in the field of research & development we are launching our new products of knitted gloves.

With the series PRIMUS and HCT we introduce new knitted gloves, as well as new interface technologies, which sho some fundamental differences to traditional processing. Especially the concentration and the focus on environmentally friendly products, which are equally high quality and not adversely affect the human skin in the daily work process, were criterias of our development work. We are a manufacturer, which focuses on sustainability. This applies to the social environment as well as for the ecological approach. However, the functionality and the comfort of our gloves must satisfy the requirements of users. This we have achieved with the new products. Those subjects es penetration of PU and direct contact with the skin, use of plasticizers, DMF etc. we can rule out.

Cooperation with IASQ

The MCS-products meet the highest demands of users criterias, based on our r&d-work –  Industry Proofed. This is our highest demand because we do our development work  for users only. Those who wear protective gloves daily. Those who work. In addition to those criterias as ergonomics and functionality, of course, the raw  materials are being controlled  and social and environmental realities were verified . In terms of quality control, we focus on the European standard and allow all products tested by institutions based in Germany according to EN standard. There are many organizations that exhibit based on specially prepared performance and criteria catalogs test and quality certificates. Unfortunately, this happens to a large extent on European values ​​and views. However, this is not 1: 1 in Asia applicable, so we have created yourself a list of measures that our producers must sign (Working Charter). Violations are punishable by exclusion from the network of producers of MCS. The newly formed, independent organization IASQ we support beyond this, as they can be incorporated into their work not only demands of buyers from Europe, but also just opposite characteristics on site. Culture, lifestyle, politics, economics, socio-fundamental realities. The IASQ – Independent Associaction for Safety and Quality – made up of representatives from manufacturing companies, Repräsentatnten importers, Arbeitnehmervertern in India. Seating is Kolkata, the secret centrum of the glove manufacturing industry.


We hire: Sales representatives in the areas of firefighters and police and military!

In recent years, we have grown considerably in the field of industrial gloves. Due to our expertise and manufacturing capabilities, we decided to further expand in the areas of police and military gloves and Fire fighter gloves. Now we are looking for agents, which build together with us this very independent divisions. We search nationwide and throughout Europe.

Your responsibilities:
• Acquisition of fire brigades, Feuwehrbedarfsorganisationen; Purchasing bodies of police and military equipment
• Individual and flexible customer service
• Presentation of products, Development of services, coordination of customer testing, order processing
Your profile:
• You are acquiring strong
• You think entrepreneurially
• You own initiative and communication skills
• You have sales experience and business knowledge
• You have an appropriate network of customers / trading company
• You get yourself from one of these customer groups.

We offer:
• Freelance work
• Individual on-site support
• Performance-related, performance-related remuneration are convinced that we should get to know? Then please contact us. 


As a brand producer for high quality industry safety gloves we are cooperating mainly with partners in East Europe and/or Asia. We are surely aware, that we have the bounden duty to follow the social and ecological sustainability and to try hard in the course of our possibilities.  A small step towards this goal are donations for diverse serious help organizations etc.

With our campaign „Committed To Safety“  we follow our demand to us as human beings and as entrepreneurs towards sustainability . Please read everything on our website at or click left at the logo. Our cooperation partner, who will get all donations resulting from the sales, is called Help e.V.:

Who Is Help e.V.

Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. is a German non-governmental relief organisation duly registered with the courts of law in Bonn. In the wake of the war in Afghanistan and the ensuing refugee crises, members of Parliament of all parties represented in the German Parliament and other distinguished personalities founded Help in July 1981. Help started its work by providing humanitarian assistance for Afghan refugees having fled to Pakistan. After the very first years of its existence, Help started to continuously expand its humanitarian work to other countries. Aid is given regardless of race, creed or nationality of the recipients and without adverse distinction of any kind. Aid priorities are considered solely on the basis of need.

Working with refugees throughout the world is a particular responsibility of Help’s humanitarian work. Thereby Help never loses track of the overall policy: “help to self-help”. The persons concerned are empowered to improve their environment self-propelling. Therefore Help is always cooperating with local partner organizations, because locals know their people, their culture and therefore the needs of the people better than any foreign expert.